Tom Moreland, CNA, MA, MHSA, CHCE, KMOb


Tom Moreland a native of Iowa City resides in Urbandale with his wife Katrina and three beautiful children Mercedes, Carolyn and Thomas.  Tom has been in homecare & hospice almost 2 decades; 1999. Tom graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors of Science in Education in 2001 and a Master in Health Services Administration in 2004.  He attended Holy Apostles College & Seminary and graduated with a Master of Theology with a Concentration in Bioethics in 2016.  He is currently pursuing his Master of Contemporary Diplomacy from the University of Malta in Europe.

He founded Spirit Home Healthcare in 2011 after acquiring Lutheran Home Healthcare in Des Moines Iowa. Tom chose the name after the Holy Spirit and also the Human Spirit we would be lifting in others.  Tom changed the name to Spirit Cares in 2017 to better illustrate the services they perform, personal cares.  Tom has also founded many other healthcare organizations that has served over 20,000 people in 11 states from California to Florida.  Other companies he founded include Iowa Hospice, Saint Jude Healthcare, Saint Jude Hospice, Saint Jude Homecare,, Hospice of the Miami Valley, Marian Homecare, Marian Homes and A Great Love Company.

His vision began in college, when Tom worked two summers with the Missionaries of Charity (the order founded by Mother Teresa) in San Francisco at the “Gift of Love” AIDS Hospice. Tom witnessed the unconditional love the women had for the men at the hospice. When they cared for them, fed them, bathed them, cleaned for them, cried with them, and ultimately went on the journey of death with them, they never saw a criminal, an intravenous drug user, a non-Christian, or someone with a different sexual lifestyle.

Tom can testify with all his heart and soul that these women saw Jesus in these men. They saw Christ in the suffering, Christ in the sick, and Christ in the dying. Christ said, "What you do for the least of your brethren, you do for me." This scripture was real for these women, and they took immense joy in serving their fellow brethren, some of who had been abandoned by their own families. Although Tom always felt a vocation to serve others he had a profound conversion of heart that allowed him to carry out his work caring for Christ in the sick and the poor. This was the principle he founded Iowa Hospice, Spirit Cares and the other companies to follow on.

When returning to Kansas for school Tom became a homemaker serving the Medicaid population in Lawrence, KS.  He served his clients with the same philosophy Mother Teresa once said, "Do small things with Great Love." Tom provided housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship and many more services. Spirit Cares offers those same services to those with disabilities, AIDS/HIV, chronically ill, elderly, Alzheimers, dementia, intellectually disabled, brain injured, dying or just need a little help along the way with the same "Great Love."

After graduation and before Tom started his graduate studies.  Tom served those with AIDS in a small remote village in Kanchanaburi, Thailand with the Global Service Corps.


Tom also volunteers with many community organizations including Catholic Charities St. Joseph Family Emergency Shelter and House of Mercy.

In preparation of the AFP Outstanding Individual Philanthropist Award nomination, House of Mercy Director, Todd Beveridge had this to say about Tom:

“Tom Moreland’s compassion, leadership, advocacy and generosity have had a transformational impact on the House of Mercy. Tom’s commitment to our mission has evidenced itself not only through his philanthropy but also through his ability to inspire others to advocate on behalf of those most at risk in our community. His passion for seeing that everyone in our community have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve a healthy, productive life has served as a model for others. Tom truly believes in investing in something “bigger than himself,” and the House of Mercy is a grateful beneficiary of that compassionate spirit.”

Tom currently serves as the Vice-Chair for the National Association of Homecare & Hospice.  The premier and largest homecare & hospice trade association in the United States.  They speak on behalf of the more then 30,000 homecare and hospice organzaitions across the country.

One of Tom's proudest moments was when he was invested in 2008 as a Knight of Magisterial Grace and in Obedience in 2015 in the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta.  More commonly known as the Order of Malta. This commitment means he took promises to dedicate his life to the care of the poor and the sick.